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Are you a fan of Dave Barry or fancy yourself as a Republican Jon Stewart?, the only meaningful Blue Virginia online site, would love to have you submit your creative works to us for publishing. Whether your creative talents lie with the written word, the artistic comic, or the creative video production, you could have a home here.

Rules for submittals:

  1. All submittals must be original works unless the proper credit is given. We’re not China, we don’t have to rip off everyone else’s work to produce something of value (except for this site’s name… even a Democrat can have a good concept, but it takes a Republican to parody it to achieve perfection).
  2. Just like your Tinder profile, you can be whoever you want with your submittals. You can take credit for your work, or like Benjamin Franklin, use a pseudonym (fun fact: Ben’s alter ego was a female).
  3. As Bill O’Reilly’s second most uttered phrase just behind, “Your contract’s in my hotel room”, goes “Be pithy.” Keep your editorials to 250 words max. The editor has ADHD and needs to be able to read your whole submittal before he remembers something else that he should have been working on instead.
  4. Be witty, be sarcastic, be funny, but don’t be vicious. There are already enough people online that act like rabid Dobermanns. We’re looking for those gifted in the satirical arts.
  5. All submitted works are the property of for us to do with them as we please. Don’t submit anything that you don’t want your neighbor to see while sitting on the toilet surfing the web.
  6. Like a liberal Supreme Court, we reserve the right to interpret any of the above as we see fit at a later date.

Still Interested? Submit your works to

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