Update: The Cookie Caucus


Delegate A.C. Cordoza can’t catch a break.  Soon after the House’s Legislative Black Caucus denied him membership because he wasn’t a Democrat, Cordoza was dealt a stunning blow twice as outrageous when the House Cookie Caucus denied him membership as well.

“I guess my chips weren’t enough,” Cordoza said to several members of the press after hearing of the rejection.

The House Cookie Caucus has a long history of supporting the smartest cookies in the House of Delegates, but some standards had to be applied in A.C.’s case, a Cookie member said on the condition of anonymity.

“We know a lot of people think membership votes are already baked in,” he said, “but you need more than a lot of dough to be a member of this caucus.”

Apparently, the controversy peaked when an email was circulated that the Delegate gave specific instructions about serving cookies in the Delegate’s office, and only insisted on fresh cookies on special occasions from his staff.  Most days, he said, Chips Ahoy cookies were good enough.

That was too much for senior members of the cookie caucus, who were insulted that freshly made cookies were the exception and not the rule. One member exclaimed, “If you aren’t committed to office-baked cookies, you don’t belong in the cookie caucus.”

Delegate Cordoza was disappointed, but the freshman legislator said he won’t let it deter him from applying again in the future, adding, “That’s how the cookie crumbles.”

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