Democrats Outraged that Parents Can Send Emails


Governor Glenn Youngkin created an email address for parents to contact with complaints of their school system.  Democrats are outraged.

“This is divisive,” said one Democratic Senator who said that was the word he was told to use.  “Instead of bringing us together, this is divisive and it divides the people who are divided by things that are dividing them by divisive actions like this.”

The Washington Post called the email address a “snitch line” while highlighting their masthead “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

“Parents need us in the press to tell them what to say and what not to say,” wrote the Post.  “Instead of emailing snitch mails to the Governor, call us off the record like Democrats do and if it fits our narrative, we’ll find a way to attack Youngkin about it.”

Democrats also moved to ban email addresses of school board members, so they won’t be bothered by parents wanting to contact them.

“Emails can be a real problem,” said former Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  “School Board members are better off not having emails at all, except to use them as I did to share cookie recipes and international security secrets.”

A late-breaking development is that Neil Young has threatened to delete his email if Gov. Youngkin’s email address for parents stays online.  “Either his email goes or I go,” he said.  “I also demand he remove the first five letters from his last name.”  Efforts to contact Neil Young for further comment have bounced back.

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