Filler-Corn So Mad about Speaker Gilbert’s Tweet, She Ditches Her Mask


Apparently, Democrats think COVID doesn’t spread if you’re giving a speech on the House floor, but it spreads like crazy if you sit still with your mouth closed.

Former Speaker of the House of Delegates and easily offended Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn, just days after complaining that the House wasn’t going to have a mask mandate, took to the floor to complain about Speaker Todd Gilbert’s tweet.

“I was offended that you were tweeting during Governor Northam’s State of the Commonwealth speech,” Filler-Corn was heard saying later.  “I didn’t see the tweet until later because, like most of my colleagues, I slept through most of the speech.”

Filler-Corn made up for it the following day, announcing her displeasure is a floor speech.

“I can’t stand silent when hurtful, divisive words are used in this chamber, except of course when I use them,” she said.  “Wearing blackface is something we Democrats can all ignore, but a tweet goes entirely too far.”

In fact, Filler-Corn was so excited to announce how offended she was that, in a show of leadership, she took her mask off for her speech, putting all of her House colleagues at risk of catching COVID.

“There’s only so much virtue signaling even I can do all at once,” one source heard her say after the speech.

Apparently, the House Democratic Caucus met privately soon after to discuss more ways they can be offended during the 60-day legislative session.  They hoped to be so offended that all Democrats take off their masks in solidarity when it’s their turn to be offended.

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