Terry McAuliffe Urges More Job Creation Since He Won’t Be Governor

For Hire

Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who led in the polls his entire campaign for Virginia Governor until the final days when he blew it and lost to incoming Governor Glenn Youngkin, is now open to new opportunities since he won’t be Governor.

“I talked to Hillary and asked if she knew if anyone was hiring,” McAuliffe said,” but she’s having the same problem I’m having.  No one wants to hire losing politicians, especially ones that lose races from putting their foot in their mouth like I did.”

McAuliffe frequently criticized Youngkin for his promise to create 400,000 new jobs, but hopes one of those jobs could be for him.

“I did driveway maintenance in my teen years, sealing parking lots and driveways,” added McAuliffe. “ I know most of my experience was the result of sweetheart deals and lucky investments, but I want Youngkin to know, I can do real work, too.  Does he need a driver?”

A source close to Youngkin said no official comment was forthcoming but we can probably bet that McAuliffe wouldn’t be hired as a school-parent liaison or a head librarian any time soon.

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