Ralph Northam says Global Warming Will Help Snow-Stranded Drivers


Thousands of drivers were stranded this week as snow, predicted as much as a week in advance, shut down I-95 and left cars on the highway in freezing temperatures with nowhere to go.

Governor Ralph Northam, never one to mask his intentions, responded to criticism about VDOT’s lack of planning, foresight and preparation prior to the storm with this tweet:

“Sunlight is expected to help”

Further commenting, “Thankfully, our global warming crisis will eventually melt the snow, and ice and traffic will be able to move freely again.”

The Governor issued an executive order to accelerate offshore drilling and encouraged motorists throughout the state to drive more and create more greenhouse gasses to melt the snow.

“If we all work together,” Northam added, “we can raise the temperature on I-95 to free these trapped motorists”.

Most grateful for the news was Sen. Tim Kaine, who tweeted that he was stuck in the snow shutdown on the highway for many hours.  Readers will recall that as Governor, Tim Kaine shut down rest stops along the highways of Virginia.  Karma is funny that way.

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