Loser Hillary Thinks About Winning


Hillary Clinton awoke from her usual slumber to tell Democrats that voters hate them.  She did it after Al Gore lost, and launched her campaign to save the Democratic Party, getting crushed by Barack Obama.  She did it again and showed the nation how to lose to Donald Trump.

Now with Biden polls among the worst in presidential history and Virginia with an historic Republican sweep of state elections, here comes Hillary with her cure!

“I think that it is time for some careful thinking about what wins elections,” says 0-2 Hillary.


The Jacksonville Jaguars of American politics is going to tell the Democrats how to win?

That begs the question, “Who is going to tell her?”

Hillary won one, ONE, election, and that was a US Senate seat in New York, a seat that no Republican has won since the 1950s and one she had to move to in order to run for it.

That must be her secret!  Move to a liberal state and run.  There you go!  Victory!

No, she added “not just in deep-blue districts where a Democrat and a liberal Democrat, or so-called progressive Democrat, is going to win.”

Well, that’s the only way she won anything.  It’s not like she moved to North Carolina to run for Senate.

Maybe she thinks we just need to give her another shot.  Third time has got to be the charm, right?

Republicans never get that lucky.

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